Church News: November 2014

By Barbara Wayland

If you drive by the church on APA Road you will notice that it is looking quite spiffy indeed.

Local master painters Mike O’Neill and Tavish Bradbury have given the entire building a new coat of white paint and repainted the decks as well, all before the rains began to fall.WP_20141011_004

Thanks as well to Gary Orr, who installed a motion sensor night light on the east end of the hall over the parking lot, making night parking easier and safer. We take our job of maintaining this historic building and community meeting place very seriously and are so pleased to see it looking like new.

Another bit of good news. I had mentioned in a previous column that the windows have all been freed so we can ventilate the sanctuary during warm days, and now those windows have screens, which will be installed before the warm weather returns. There will be cool breezes sans bugs this summer. The last project on the list is the refurbishing of the church entrance area, or narthex, which will take place sometime this winter.

As we head into the month that signifies thanksgiving, we at Trinity give special thanks for the pastors who lead the worship and the wonderful musicians who so beautifully enhance the worship service.

While many bigger churches have had to go to canned music because of a dearth of able musicians, we have fabulous music Sunday after Sunday.Steeple-2-Oct-2014

Many thanks to those instrumentalists who continue to so generously donate their time and skills, including pianists Lorraine Duncan and Laurie Brown, organist and pianist Sylvia Schonberg, clarinetist Dick Williams, and oboist Lucy Williams. Gaspar Shulek’s organ postludes by composers such as Bach and Beethoven are outstanding.

Many of you have heard the Trinity Community Choir. Did you know that on many Sundays a portion of that same choir sings an anthem?

Our fine director Natasha Neufeld donates her time for both choirs. We are indeed blessed to live in a community where so many musicians are dedicated to keeping good music in the church. Feel free to come and enjoy the music!

We wish you a happy American Thanksgiving and holiday season.

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