Point Roberts bucks election trend

By Meg Olson


True to form, Point Roberts voted overwhelmingly Democratic, a result not reflected in the rest of the county, the state and the nation.820

According to Whatcom County Elections data, for every legislative race the majority of Point Roberts votes were cast for the Democrat candidate. At this time, none of those are winning at the county level, though district-wide results show Suzan DelBene will hold on to her seat in U.S. Congress.

Point Roberts voters overwhelmingly supported more comprehensive background checks for firearm purchases and decreased class sizes for K-12 education.

While his chances appear slim for a spot on the county’s charter review commission, local resident John Lesow certainly got the support of his community, earning 244 local votes, more than twice those cast for other candidates with the exception of Richard May and Chris Johnson, whom Lesow supported.

Where the Point did mirror the rest of Whatcom County was with stronger voter turnout than the national average, which is poised to break the low-turnout record held since the 1940s. While estimates put national voter turnout just under 37 percent, 51 percent of Whatcom County and Point Roberts voters cast a ballot.

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