Advisory meeting has a melt-down

By Pat Grubb


The regular Point Roberts Community Advisory Committee meeting on November 12 hadn’t even started when it was hijacked by audience members angry at the committee for what they viewed as unwarranted intrusion into personal land use issues.

Just as committee chair Arthur Reber began to call the meeting to order, an onlooker sitting against the wall Macstood up and said, “I call point of order.”

Identifying himself as Shawn (Mac) McSkimmings, he began berating the committee for violating his Fourth Amendment right to privacy and freedom from governmental search and seizure. “I am a fully disabled veteran,” McSkimmings said, adding that the committee has no mandate to involve itself in land use violations.

McSkimmings and his wife Gail own a house and lot at 1674 Benson Road that has been the subject of complaints by residents regarding the number of seemingly junked trucks and vehicles cluttering the lot. McSkimmings accused Reber of taking photographs of his property in violation of the Fourth Amendment.

McSkimmings was supported by resident Craig Jacks who talked about the difference between a scenic drive and a yard full of junk. He said, “I think Mac can do what he wants on his property whether I think it’s an eyesore or not.”

In response, Reber explained that the committee had been approached by residents complaining about trucksMcSkimmings’ and other properties and had been asked by county planning department officials to forward the concerns to them. The committee itself is not interested, involved or concerned with non-commercial properties, Reber said.

With McSkimmings unmolified and preventing the committee from addressing the agenda, the meeting was abruptly adjourned 20 minutes after it began.

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