Dan, the man with the plan

A failed pump and a rash of water main failures have highlighted that much of the aging Point Roberts water system is in a delicate condition and the district needs to start aggressively repairing weak spots.

“One of the pumps went at the 2.5 million gallon tank,” water district manager Dan Bourks told commissioners at their December 8 meeting. He said the pump will cost $83,000 to replace. The pump was 26 years old, Bourks said, as is the other pump currently in service. “If the other one goes we’re in real trouble,” he said, and suggested the district plan for its replacement as well.

“That’s something we need to talk about in our next rate survey; covering this expense and then replacing the next one,” said commission chair Scott Hackleman.Meanwhile district crews were called out to fix three main breaks and a saddle failure in the last month. “They’re keeping you hopping,” said commissioner Madeleine Anderson.

Replacement of the water main along Province Road between Cliff Drive and Calgary Way is scheduled to begin Wednesday, January 7.

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