Friends of the Point Roberts Library

We began 2014 with $300,000 for the new library, and we end it with close to $400,000.

We planned to focus on foundation requests, but we were sidelined in February by an IRS-made error. Once remedied, we submitted five grant proposals:

The Norcliffe Foundation gave us $25,000, one turned us down and we have yet to hear from three others. We will be submitting three additional proposals in January 2015.

The community has continued its support, providing almost $75,000 this year through direct donations, Saturday Market events, book sales, a quilt show, donation jars, the Arts and Crafts Fair and various matching gifts.

In other news, the park and recreation district selected architect David King to make final plans for the building. King began working with a local design committee to address visual aspects of the building. (This committee is interested in the views of other community members as well – email to have your say.) Initial site assessment (septic system, buried oil tank, foundation borders, etc.) has begun.

A new/revised memo of understanding was signed, which included a proviso that if additional funds are still needed after June 2015, the park and recreation district will provide them or place a levy on the ballot.

Finally, we have more than 80 donors whose names will be recorded on paving stones. These honor donations from $500 to $25,000. We’ll be contacting all those donors in the near future. If you haven’t already, you can still make a donation of at least $500. Donation cards can be found at the library.

We’re not quite there yet, but we’re getting very close. Thanks to all who helped in any and every way.

Judy Ross

New Library Fundraising Committee

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