Everybody on the bus!

By Meg Olson

With an appeal of the county hearing examiner’s decision to deny an application for radio towers on the Point less than two weeks away, opponents of the project are hoping to pack the house.

“We are hoping to get as many smiling faces into that room as we can so county council will see their constituents,” Jennifer Urquhart said at the January 13 meeting of the Point Roberts Community Advisory Committee.

Urquhart and committee chair Arthur Reber are both members of the Cross Border Coalition to Stop the Towers, which has been vigorously opposing an application by BBC Broadcasting to build an array of five radio towers on the corner of Tyee Drive and McKenzie Way. The facility would broadcast KRPI, a station with Punjabi content currently broadcasting out of Ferndale.

On October 30 the county hearing examiner issued denied the application due to the applicant’s inability to meet height restrictions in the Whatcom County zoning ordinance. BBC Broadcasting appealed that decision to Whatcom County Council and council will decide on that appeal Tuesday, January 27.

Council will meet in closed session with its legal counsel as the Council of the Whole at 7 p.m. prior to the regular meeting. Once the regular meeting is convened, they will vote publicly on the appeal.

There is no opportunity for public comment, but Urquhart said the Cross Border Coalition expects KRPI to encourage its listeners to attend in a show of support for its application, and the coalition wants to have an equivalent presence. “If anyone wants a ride, let us know,” she said.

Suzanne Rosser is organizing carpools and encourages those who will make their own way to meet in the lobby of the county courthouse at 6:30 p.m. Contact Rosser at at srosser@inter-the-gateway.com.

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