2014 Year in Review: Point Roberts Conservation Society

2014 was huge year in the fight to keep the radio towers from being approved. The Cross Border Coalition to Stop the Radio Towers has five Point Roberts Conservation Society (PRCS) members: Armene Belless, Carol Clark, John Lesow, Suzanne Rosser and Steve Wolff.

Steve prepared evidence and expert witnesses and was the coalition’s liaison with lawyers. Suzanne kept the Stop the Radio Towers email list humming while assisting the coalition in fundraising. PRCS filed the SEPA appeal on the behalf of the cross border coalition, giving important positioning during the hearing.

In December 2013, Suzanne Rosser organized the first cross-border street demonstration to engage residents in the radio towers fight, thereby gaining publicity. Global News and the CBC were obliging, as was the Delta Optimist newspaper.

In December 2013, John Lesow and Armene Belless drafted a text amendment to the Whatcom County Code to limit the height of radio tower antennas in Point Roberts to 25 feet. The amendment went to public hearing before the Whatcom County Planning Commission on December 11.

In July, Armene Belless and John Lesow successfully completed their quest to have the county approve the Point Roberts Scenic Loop, the first of its kind in Whatcom County. Armene helped to create the roadside entry sign directing drivers to discover more of the verdant landscapes in Point Roberts. Ruth Lauman of Point Roberts Press was responsible for the graphic

John Lesow is now a member of the Point Roberts Community Advisory Committee (PRCAC), and Suzanne and Steve have taken up the web duties for notowers.webs.com.

PRCS hopes our members’ contributions will bring attention to the activities our organization has always engaged in to protect the vacation destination environment that serves the communities on both sides of the border.

New Canadian and American members are welcomed. Contact Suzanne at s.rosser@inter-the-gateway.com for more

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