Friends of library AGM coming up

By Meg Olson

The annual general meeting of the Point Roberts Friends of the Library will feature a presentation by David King, architect for the new library, including a virtual tour of the proposed design.

“It is a three-dimensional video that is like taking a helicopter ride through and around the building to see what it looks like,” said Judy Ross, chair of the fundraising committee.

Ross said King would also be discussing some potential challenges the project might face. “The question being tossed around these days is, do we need to build from the ground up or can it be a renovation,” she said.

Project design committee member Judith Wolfman will talk about the committee’s work with King to guide the new library’s look. “We’ll talk about the process of how all the parties and the community came together for the design process,” she said.

The design committee specifically worked with King on how the outside of the building and the landscaping would look, while the Whatcom County Library System focused on the interior.

“They know best practices for libraries,” Wolfman said. “The 21st century library is very different, and in Point Roberts the library is also an important place where the community comes together as well.”

The meeting is open to everyone and will be held April 25 at 4 p.m. at the Gulf Road community center.

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