Open positions on all local taxing district boards

With the recent resignation of water district commissioner Bill Meursing, community members will have one more opportunity to serve on one of the local boards.

Meursing had previously suggested he would retire, but made it official via an email to water district manager Dan Bourks on April 24. He did not cite a reason for his decision to resign.

“It has been a pleasure working with you and the staff,” he wrote. “I wish the district all the best in the future.”

Candidate filing week for the November election runs from May 11 to 15, and spots are open on the boards of all the local taxing districts.

At the water district, Madeleine Anderson’s position is up for re-election for a term of six years. Meursing’s resignation opens up four years of his unexpired six-year term. Water district commissioners can opt to appoint someone to his position pending the election, but that person would need voter approval in November.

Fire commissioner Stan Riffle’s position will be on the ballot for a six-year term.

Three parks positions are up at the November election. Parks district chair Mark Robbins has stated he will not seek reelection this year, leaving open his position for one four-year term. Stephen Falk, who was appointed in 2014, will seek to be elected to his four-year term. Linda Hughes’ position is also on the ballot for a four-year term.

Hospital district commissioner Candace Harper, appointed by the district board in April 2015, will be looking for voter approval in November.

At the cemetery district the six-year position long held by Ernie Loreen is on the ballot.

If more than two candidates file for any one position a primary election will be held in August and the top two will move on to the November general election. If only one or two candidates file, there will be no primary held for that position.

Candidates may file online, in person or by mail. For more information, visit

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