Paul Clifford Gott



March 9, 1951-May 14, 2015

Paul passed away suddenly, Thursday, May 14 at 12:45 p.m. in Point Roberts at age 64. His love Jessica was by his side.

Paul was born to Otto and Ione Gott on March 9, 1951, in Burbank, California. His family lived in Van Nuys, and Jessica was his childhood next-door neighbor.

Paul’s maternal grandmother, Lois, was his guardian angel. She took care of him and taught him to read, instilling in him a love of books that lasted the rest of his life.

He loved to race: swimming, skiing, cars and motorcycles. He lived his life full throttle: if he was going to do it, he was really going to do it!

He had two children with his wife Debbie: Christian and Kirsten. He was always very proud of them and his grandchildren, Olivia, Katherine and Jackson.

He moved his family to Port Ludlow, Washington in the late ’80s, early ’90s, but after his divorce he moved back to the Bay area and found his favorite job of all time, a tour bus driver. He was a natural.

In December 2008, after nearly 40 years, he reconnected with Jessica. He moved to Point Roberts to be with her, where he fell in love with the area and called it home.

Special thanks to the Point Roberts Fire Department, for always being available to help us when care was needed. A special thanks also goes to the staff at the Point Roberts Clinic; he adored each of you. He knew he could sometimes be a tough cookie. Thanks for caring.

He is survived by his partner, Jessica McVey, son Christian and Tawni Gott, (Olivia and Katherine); daughter Kirsten Provence (Jackson); ex-wife Debbie Provence; brother Ken and Alice Gott; nephews Peter and Jenni Gott (Riley) and David and Angela Gott (Haley) and the lovely kitty, Fiona. We will all miss him.

A remembrance will be held this summer in Point Roberts. His ashes will be scattered at his favorite fishing spot on the Olympic Peninsula.

Paul was a voracious reader and a long supporter of libraries. Donations in his honor can go to the Friends of the Point Roberts Library.

Thanks to Shirley Cannon who posted “Death is Nothing at All” by Henry Scott Holland on Facebook.

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