Burn bans in place for unincorporated county

Due to increasingly dry and warm conditions, the Whatcom County Fire Marshal has instituted a burn ban in unincorporated parts of the county.

The burn ban went into effect on June 17. All land clearing and yard-debris burning is now prohibited.

Recreational fires are still permitted, but only in designated campgrounds and on improved properties with the owner’s permission. All recreational fires must be less than 3 feet in diameter, burn only charcoal or seasoned firewood and be contained within an approved fire enclosure.

Anyone caught violating the burn ban can face charges of up to $250. Any illegal fires that escape their confines and need to be extinguished by the fire department could result in criminal charges for reckless burning.

For questions regarding the burn ban, or for information on approved fire pit requirements, contact the Whatcom County Fire Marshal’s Office at 360/676-6907.

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