Lighthouse Marine Park dock installed


Joan Furniss, with daughter Katie, walks up the newly installed floating dock at Lighthouse Marine Park along with peripatetic park ranger Ben VanBuskirk on a warm Saturday, June 20.         

Photo by Pat Grubb

  1. This dock looks fantastic! I especially like the dark color of it because it makes it look a lot nicer and more modern. For a while, I have been wanting to put in a floating dock in my backyard since we live along a river. It would be nice to get something like this that looks sturdy and leads to a floating portion. Do you have any information on where they got this dock?

  2. How wonderful it is to have such a nice new dock finally after so many years and delays. It used to be a great gathering place, always something interesting going on there.
    Despite how wonderful it is, how about clearing the ramp from all that sand/rock now and maintaining it so that boaters can come and really USE the new dock, rather than just walk on it and admire it? If the Park needs to charge a small fee for boat use, then so be it but it seems such a shame to now have the new dock and not see boaters use it.
    The 4th of July weekend would have been the perfect time to have it ready….

  3. Looks good. The people are adorable. A picture of the dock might have been a nice touch.


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