Church News August 2015

By Barbara Wayland

The first weekend of August is the annual Point Roberts Art and Music Festival, and Trinity is proud to be part of this event.

Children have been attending our summer music camp preparing to perform at the Festival on Sunday, August 2 at 11 a.m. Thirteen teenagers, most of whom are graduates of the music camp, are assisting as crew, helping kids learn lines, songs and dances, and getting costumes and sets ready. This year’s show is The Rock Slinger and His Greatest Hit.

Camp directors Tasha and Caitlin are very excited about this year’s camp. The program began about a decade ago and it is always amazing to see a full musical with child performers come together in just one week. “And this year we have significantly increased the number and role of our teen crew,” said Tasha.

“They are being given more responsibility for specific aspects of the production and will be learning a lot of stage craft. It is such a joy to work with them,” she added.

As everyone will be at the Art and Music Festival watching the kids, Trinity will not hold a service on August 2. Come join us for the singing, dancing, costumes, great sets and props, and live pit band.

Please come and see what your donations to this year’s Trinity Chamber Series have created. You will be so glad you did.

The following Sunday, August 9, brings two more musical treats. During the Sunday service at 11 a.m., violinist Dan Robbins returns and will perform duets with organist Gaspar Schulek. We are very happy to have them back to play for us.

Then at 4 p.m., the Point Roberts Winds will perform in the church garden. Bring a chair or a blanket for this outdoor performance by this fine local group.

And mark your calendars for the next concert, Folk Music for the Ages with Marian Buechert, September 12 at 7 p.m. This is the first appearance in our series for this popular Vancouver artist who has performed at such venues as the Princeton Traditional Music Festival. We are delighted to bring her to Point Roberts.

It’s been a great July and there’s more summer to come here in Point Roberts – don’t miss a minute of it!

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