Church News September 2015

Autumn Leaves

Summer is almost gone, cabins are being closed for the year and leaves are preparing to fall. The last of the summer garden produce is being harvested. It was a bumper crop of delicious Point Roberts blackberries this summer, and many have been made into jam or frozen for use through the winter. Enterprising folks have canned and dehydrated much of summer’s bounty and pantry shelves are full. We have much for which to be thankful.

Summer Music Camp is over for the year and the participants can look back on another stellar performance at the Arts and Music Festival. This year all of the soloists had headset microphones, thanks to Jonathan Quick for his generous donation of time, expertise and the loan of the sound equipment. Thanks, too, to the volunteer organizers, directors and band members for making this camp a great success. And thank you, Point Roberts, for coming to the performance and supporting these wonderful young performers.

On Sunday, August 23 we had a celebration of Ernie and Lola Loreen’s 65th wedding anniversary following church. Congratulations to two of our favorite people. You are an inspiration to us all.

One more concert remains for the current Trinity Chamber Series. Folk Music for the Ages with Marian Buechert is on Saturday, September 12 at 7 p.m.

This is the first appearance in our series for this popular Vancouver singer who has performed at many venues, such as the Princeton, B.C. Traditional Music Festival. We are delighted to bring her to Point Roberts. Mark your calendar now so you don’t miss this season’s closing concert. It’s sure to be a wonderful evening.

Something new has come to Trinity. Thanks to the generosity of Jean Barrington and Curt Bush, we now have a lending library of reference books on all things spiritual. Jean and Curt set up two large bookcases and have everything catalogued. The books are shelved according to category and a sign-out system has been put in place. Coffee hour following Sunday service is a great time to look over the books and even check something out.

In the next few weeks, Jean will begin writing reviews and recommendations of various books in the library. These will be posted in the Sunday bulletin, in the library area and on our website. Thank you Jean and Curt.

On a personal note, I love autumn – the feeling of a nip in the air despite the sunshine, colorful leaves falling to earth, the sense of life slowing into winter and the golden light and earlier sunset that invites us to tuck in for the night.

May this be one of your loveliest autumns ever.

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