Reduce, reuse and recycle


In a tiny space on Gulf Road, Margarita Trifonova is highlighting a growing trend with Point Roberts artisans.

“The theme of the studio is reduce, reuse and recycle,” said Trifonova, who opened Maralex Studios on July 4.

Trifonova makes wooden trays, napkin holders, planters and other items using wood from old mattresses she obtains through a mattress recycler in Richmond.

“My father is a carpenter so I have a love for wood and he taught me a lot,” she said.

Other items in the studio come from the approximately 20 consigners who sell their wares there. These include handmade aprons, jewelry, ceramics, paintings, sculpture, cards and clothing.

“The fabric used to make these dolls is recycled from old clothes,” Trifonova said, pointing out a shelf of folk art by Abby Armstrong.

Suncatchers by Annelle Norman are made with sand dollars from local beaches, and Lawnie Collard uses beach rocks as the canvas for her paintings.

“I love natural materials – wood, stone and fibers,” Trifonova said.

She also loves a good story, and takes select previously owned items on consignment. “I look for unique and interesting items, especially if the seller has a story that goes with it,” she said.

“It’s good to have some small old piece we can incorporate into our lives in some way.”

The studio will be open into September and will reopen in the spring. Hours are 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. except for Wednesday and Friday when Trifonova, who is also the coordinator of the Point Roberts Senior Center, opens for a few hours in late afternoon.

She always has coffee and cookies to offer. “I’m a very social person and some people just come in to chat,” she said.

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