Character plan review on back burner until 2016

By Meg Olson

Buried under a pile of other reviews of the county comprehensive plan, the revised Point Roberts Character Plan, completed last month, will likely not be up for technical review by the county until 2016.

“We’re on the back burner,” said Arthur Reber, member of the Character Plan Review Committee, speaking to the Point Roberts Community Advisory Committee (PRCAC) at their September 8, meeting.

Instead of waiting for the county’s technical review to be complete to start the community review of the updated plan, Reber suggested they be done in parallel. “When we open it up to community input there will most likely be suggestions or objections which will likely lead to some changes, but those should not be technical,” he said.

PRCAC member Steve Wolff suggested that PRCAC members review the changes to the character plan as a starting point. “After we review it we’ll schedule a public meeting,” agreed PRCAC chair Joel Lantz.

Check the All Point Bulletin website for a link to the revised character plan following the committee’s review at their October 13 meeting.

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