Church News October 2015

Fall Happenings at Trinity

By Barbara Wayland

Fall is truly here. Most cottages have been closed for the season and things grow quieter here on Point Roberts.

You can hear the sound of saws as people top off the woodpile for winter. Most of us are hoping for at least a bit of snow this year, as well as a full complement of rain.

Trinity Church is starting a new “happening” for teens and young adults (ages 15-20) this fall. The first Saturday of each month we will be transforming the social hall into a Philosophers Cafe, complete with funky mugs and cozy rugs.

At 6:30 p.m. we will warm up your voices and your hearts with beautiful contemporary worship music led by Caitlin Beaupre (co-director of the summer Trinity Musical Camp) and Veronica Hughes. At 7 p.m. thoughts, ideas and questions will be flowing along with the hot and cold beverages.

We will have a topic starter each evening and a rotating handful of wise community members who will listen, guide and challenge your brains. Come with burning questions about life, a desire to find out how to solidify and express your thoughts on a given subject, or to discover your questions. No philosophy experience necessary. An open mic component will allow for creative offerings of a song or poetry, and the chance to display artwork.

Community members who would like to support this event can donate foldable card tables or small round tables that will be stored at the church, or contribute well-labeled homemade cookies and squares.

Local artisan Scott Hackleman is hard at work restoring the church narthex (entryway). The restoration will include repair of cracks that were developing in the old interior walls, repainting the interior surfaces and refinishing the floor.

The restroom fixture will be traded out for a new low-flow model and new cabinetry will be added to the robing room for storage of vestments and paraments.

At a future date we will refinish the pews. Financial donations toward this work are gratefully accepted.

The final concert for this series was a real treat. It was the first visit by folk musicians Marian Buechert and Steve Britten and we definitely hope to see them here again. They brought us folk music from a variety of times and locales and all had a good time.

Marion has a lovely lyrical soprano voice and Steve plays an impressive variety of stringed instruments and does it very well. If you missed this or other concerts do not despair. Lucy Williams assures me that after she takes a well-deserved break she will be back out there getting next year’s concerts arranged.

Take time to enjoy this lovely time of the year in Point Roberts.

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