Commissioners take early steps to create comprehensive plan

Point Roberts Parks and Recreation District commissioners Linda Hughes and Mary Edgley have asked their fellow commissioners for feedback on their early steps developing a comprehensive parks plan, and the next step will be to determine how to get wider public input.

At the September 14 meeting of the board, Edgley and Hughes presented a draft mission statement: “The mission of the Point Roberts Parks and Recreation District is to provide recreational opportunities for community members and maintain parks assets.”

They also came up with a starter set of ideas for priorities the parks district should pursue, such as acquiring more green space, hiring a manager, improvements to Baker Field, additional recreational events and programs and plans for the future of the community center.

“The items on the list are ideas people have suggested,” Edgley. “These aren’t things we are endorsing or even think are a good idea. We just want to get as many ideas as we can.”

Some ideas are very ambitious, such as remodeling or replacing the community center and a bandstand at Baker Field, while others are more modest, such as trail signage and social nights for youth.

Parks commissioners will bring their own ideas as well as ideas from the community to the district’s October 13 meeting, and they will plan the next step: getting more community input.

“The plan is to ask people – is this something parks should be doing, and if so would you support it through a bond issue,” Edgley said. Means to gather input include town hall meetings, online surveys or paper surveys.

“Once we get input from the public then we can set some priorities and make our plan,” Edgley said. Some projects the district could start on now, she said, while others might need a bond issue, or to be set as a goal in the future.

“We need to know what the people of Point Roberts want, and in some cases do they want these things enough to pay for them,” she said.

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