Please think of those less fortunate

With the holidays approaching, the Point Roberts Food Bank is reaching out to the community for donations to make sure every family has a feast.

The food bank currently serves 50 to 60 people, said Henry Rosenthal, and organizers are working to add frozen hams, turkeys and other items to the staples they distribute each week for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Donations can be made through accounts at either Banner Bank or Umpqua Bank. “Please leave your name so we can thank you properly,” Rosenthal said. Coin boxes for the food bank are also at USA Gasoline, TSB Shipping, Larry’s Liquor Locker and Kiniski’s Reef Tavern.

Donations of nonperishable food can also be left at the box inside the front door of the International Marketplace.

Rosenthal said the Point Roberts volunteer firefighter’s association will again host their food bank drives at the Marketplace in November and December.

In addition to food for the holidays, the food bank is also looking for donations and ideas to help them secure a single hub for their operations, now spread out over several locations. One option could be the community center space currently occupied by the library once the new library is built, Rosenthal said.

“A few solutions on the Point would be fairly central and where we would have sufficient room,” he said, adding they would need approximately 1,500 square feet and room for some freezers.

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