Judge rules against radio towers


By Meg Olson

Skagit County Superior Court Judge Susan K. Cook has upheld Whatcom County’s denial of an application by BBC Broadcasting to build an array of AM radio towers in Point Roberts.

“She ruled in our favor from the bench. We won,” said Mark Robbins, one of several dozen members of the Cross Border Coalition to Stop the Towers who attended the October 7 trial.

BBC Broadcasting, Inc. had filed the appeal in Washington State Superior Court, Exiting-the-Courthouse-victoriousMRchallenging Whatcom County’s interpretation of land use rules in denying their application to build an array of five 150-foot-tall transmission towers on the corner of Tyee Drive and McKenzie Way. The county hearing examiner denied the application in November 2014 because the towers did not meet height restrictions and no exemption to those rules exists in county code for an AM radio transmission facility. Whatcom County Council upheld that decision in January 2015.

The judge heard three hours of argument from lawyers for BBC Broadcasting, Whatcom County and the coalition, and surprised all three parties when she announced she was prepared to rule on the spot.

“When she said that we knew she had read everything,” said coalition member Arthur Reber, referring to the documents submitted by parties beforehand. “She went through nine or 10 points raised by the BBC and in every case found them not sufficiently strong. The hearing examiner’s initial decision and its affirmation by county council were reaffirmed by the superior court.”

If the broadcaster plans to continue to challenge the decision, it has 30 days to file with the state court of appeals. Company representatives were not available to comment on future plans.

  1. Crikey, John – you might want to back off the meds a little. That was an epic wandering ramble. Was it intentional that you forgot to mention off-shore drilling?

  2. It ain’t over til the fat lady sings, and she ain’t sung yet. These buggers are relentless. I have no doubt that they’ll continue to appeal until they eventually get what they want, unless we continue to stop them. We will REALLY find out what Point Roberts is made of if a Judge ever rules in their favor. If it comes to that, how many of us are willing to chain ourselves to trees to force them to cut us loose with cutting saws? How many of are willing to risk arrest? As a veteran of the Battle of Seattle who did time as a Prisoner of War inside a decommissioned Navy Brig after bouncing a teargas cannister that had just been shot at me off the skull of the cop who shot it where “the man” attempted to interrogate me under bright lights I’m proud that I never cracked under the strain of intimidation. I deliberately had no id on me. After martial law was declared in downtown Seattle, I was one of the people who stayed to continue doing battle against the elements of coersion, simply because it was the right thing to do. My grandmother was a proud member of the DAR, and my ancestors fought in the Revolution. Other ancestors fought on both sides during the War of Northern Aggression, and the wrong side won, usurping States Rights as the Fedstapo’s powers expanded per the wishes of the Banksters who continue in their zeal to enslave us all today via a variety of means. What price Freedom? Alas, the place that once was America lies in tatters today as we are on the verge of becoming the next Weimar Republic as our currency continues to be devalued by what could soon be Hyperinflation. Soon I fear that this radio tower battle might become a very MINOR matter, eclipsed by MUCH larger threats to all of our most cherished freedoms as David Rockefellers “Club of Rome” is now directly aligned with the Vatican, which along with the UN intends to radically increase the amount of aerial spraying in the name of Geoengineering/Solar Radiation Management per the UN so called “Climate Change” Treaty that is about to be forced upon us starting with its planned finalization at the end of December as sort of a Malthusian “Christmas present” from this highly questionable Anti Pope, a man who most can’t seem to see through since the mainstream media has spun him in such a way that most practically worship him. Makes me want to get deliberately excommunicated from the Catholic Church by seizing the microphone at Sacred Heart for the purpose of making an unapproved announcement that would be filmed and put on You Tube. When this Pope was a Bishop in Argentina he fingered two really good priests who were doing much to help those in the slums of Buenos Aires. When the ruling military Junta came to Bishop Bergoglio (now Pope Francis) the Quisling fink turned them over to the Nazis who tortured them for 6 months before eventually turning them loose, naked and drugged in a field. This happened during the Argentinean “Dirty War” of the 70s and 80s when thousands of people were “disappeared” because the Junta took ’em up in planes and shoved ’em out the doors, aided and abetted by this satanist who is now called “Pope”. All I can say is “look out!!” The best way I know to wrap your head around this Mind F_ _ _ is to watch the trailer for my film maker friends latest documentary titled “An UN conventional Shade of Grey” which you can watch at http://www.unconventionalgrey.com please donate towards the completion of this film via paypal, we need it to stop the Club of Rome, and this Anti Pope from committing mass genocide by spraying billions of tons of toxic heavy metals, ethylene dibromide, mycoplasma, and weaponized parasites such as calembola that were tweaked in the bioweapons lab at Stanford University using nanotechnology and which are being sprayed on us all as I type this. As a Naturopathic physician with clinical experience from working in an alternative cancer hospital in Mexico I can teach anyone how to detoxify themselves in the face of this massive biological assault which so many in Point Roberts are oblivious to. I’ve got a double opt in email distribution list that anyone can sign onto at http://www.iahf.com scroll down for the sign up menu, and see my archived e-alerts here: http://ymlp.com/archive_gjbeuhgjgu.php If you’d like to pick my brain on anything I’m saying here, I can be reached at 0352 or toll free north america at 1-800-333-2553, because it ain’t over til its over and even THEN it aint over! When HELL freezes over we will fight ON ICE!!!!

  3. As a Floridian and frequent summer visitor, I am delighted to hear of this decision.

    Owen Ireland

  4. Great news! It’s not over yet, tho, folks.

    BBC has 30 days to file their next appeal which they no doubt will.

    Don’t put away your attorney’s fees donation check books just yet . . . .

  5. Great work by all involved. Unfortunately they have 30 days to appeal😕.

  6. Great accomplishment! Now let’s clean the air by getting rid of dirty coal by Westshore Terminals and others!

  7. As a person who has followed the tower activity since its beginning. I am proud to say I am a “Washingtonian! Truth and justice, aren’t slogans. The residents of Pt. Roberts showed they are proud of their community and won’t stand by and be
    bullied by outside interests bent on doing what they will with the community!
    Be proud of a ‘Vital Victory’ for the people, by the people and with the people!
    Viva Freedom and the rights of the Community.

  8. Congrats and a personal THANK-YOU!! to everyone’s hard work and dedication to this cause!
    As a property owner in Point Roberts as I’m sure you all feel……it’s such a pleasure to have such support in keeping it Rural and natural.

  9. This is a triumph of small town activism and solidarity. Congratulations to all who worked so hard to protect the Point Roberts environment we all treasure! From 4000 miles away I thank you!

  10. This news made my day! Truth prevailed. PTL


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