Long lines result in long stay in hoosegow for driver

By Meg Olson

A former volunteer firefighter is facing felony charges after lying at the border in order to jump the line.

According to documents filed in Whatcom County Superior Court, John Sulentich drove into Point Roberts using the NEXUS lane on October 17 without a NEXUS card, telling the officer he was responding to an emergency with the Point Roberts fire department. Having been a department member and a captain with the department for several years, Sulentich was recognized by the officer and told to proceed without further inspection.

However, when the port supervisor called fire chief Christopher Carleton to see if more department members should be expected, he was told there was no emergency. Sulentich had been asked to resign from the department October 11 and was no longer a member of the department.

Sulentich was stopped at an outbound inspection as he left Point Roberts, and he admitted “The non-NEXUS line to enter Point Roberts was too long, so he lied at the NEXUS lane so he could get gasoline in Point Roberts without having to wait so long,” according to the charging documents.

Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested Sulentich who was transported to Whatcom County Jail, charged with criminal impersonation in the first degree, a class C felony. He was released October 21 after posting a $1,000 bond and will be formally arraigned November 13.

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