Outage explained

“We were in there changing some routing and a mistake was made,” said Chris Burns, senior technology director for Whidbey Telecom, explaining the outage that had Point Roberts customers without outbound telephone or Internet for over an hour and a half.

The outage occurred on October 9, starting at 11:30 a.m. Engineers were on site in Point Roberts and at Whidbey Telecom headquarters in Langley, and had service restored in 108 minutes.

“We’re adding a second fiber route to Point Roberts so there’s more capacity,” Burns explained. If the primary fiber route fails, the telecommunications company has to rely on microwave transmission. “We have that redundancy but it is a congested one. With the fiber it will be more transparent.”

Due to the short duration of the outage no credits will be given, Burns said.

More work is planned for the future to push fiber deeper into the system at Point Roberts. Notifications of planned outages or scheduled work will be posted on the company’s website and distributed through the All Point Bulletin Facebook page.

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