PRCAC reviewing draft revisions

By Meg Olson

The Point Roberts Community Advisory Committee (PRCAC) will be examining the draft revision to the Point Roberts Character Plan with the goal of reviewing proposed changes when the committee meets next and getting a draft ready for the public.

“Read it, mark it up; we need to review it for things we may want to see changed,” said committee member Steve Wolff at the November 10 meeting. “Eventually we’ll come up with a final document people on this committee like and offer it to the general public.”

Wolff said, for example, he wanted to see language that made automatic shutoff mandatory for lighted gas station signs, in case they began to malfunction.

The plan is currently under technical review at the county and the local community review will occur concurrently. “We need to discuss having a public forum sometime early next year,” Wolff said. Before going into effect the document will need final approval by Whatcom County Council.

In other PRCAC business, an official request for gas tax funds to pursue three projects the committee is recommending on Point Roberts roads was officially introduced at the November 10 county council meeting.

Acting as the official legislative body of the Point Roberts Transportation Benefit District (PRTBD), which allows the collection of additional tax on gasoline sales to fund local transportation projects, council needs to approve the inclusion of any projects that use those funds on their annual construction plan.

PRCAC has recommended three projects be evaluated for feasibility: widening the south side of Marine Drive at the Lighthouse Marine Park curve; traffic calming at Gulf Road and Marine Drive; traffic calming and beautification at the corner of Tyee Drive and Benson Road.

If the resolution is approved at the November 24 county council meeting, $150,000 in PRTBD funds would be budgeted for those projects in 2016. According to Wolff the fund is currently over $500,000.

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