Take back your trash


The local parks board is sending out an appeal to stop dumping on parks property, or anywhere else.

“We have a constant inflow of TVs, filing cabinets, small appliances, half-empty paint cans and asphalt, not to mention beer and pop cans, that apparently some residents or visitors are unwilling to haul to the dump or otherwise dispose of properly and legally,” said parks board chair Mark Robbins. “It’s a waste of taxpayers’ money and a burden on me or other volunteer commissioners if we have to haul these things to the transfer station.”

The most recent unwelcome arrival, an electric water cooler left by the side of the driveway to Baker Field, Robbins has left at the Benson Road entrance to the park, with a sign asking the dumper to “take back your trash.”

In addition to asking that people handle their trash responsibly, Robbins is also asking that the community discourage or report people who dump. “If we know who is responsible, we will try to take action,” he said.

  1. I recommend the Parks Board invest in several Deer Cameras, they can be aimed from trees at any areas where trash has been dumped and will even capture video footage at night that can be reviewed and used to identify the scumbags who are doing this. Deer cameras are camouflaged and hard to spot in trees. Deer Cameras are used by hunters who position them along game trails to see if deer are in the areas where they place tree stands. Mississipi Jerry uses one to nail anyone who messes with the conservative signs on his property that faces onto Benson Rd and he has caught several people attempting to mess with his signs. There are several deer cameras for sale on Amazon.com. When the miscreants are identified we can dump their trash where it belongs: back in their yards. Hopefully they’ll then get the message and bring it to the dump where it belonged in the first place.


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