Friends of the Point Roberts Library January 2016

By Judy Ross

Almost four years ago, the Friends of the Point Roberts Library went into the new library fundraising business and now we’ve reached our original goal of $538,000.

We’re still waiting for the architect to give us the final estimate of actual costs, taking into account such things as a problematic foundation, which will probably lead us into something more like a rebuild than a renovation. But it will be more than $538,000, so we are continuing to raise funds until the end of the year.

We have a few requests still out. For example, Puget Sound Energy Foundation has not yet responded to our grant proposal from last September, nor has it responded to our request for a timeline for their response. We wait, we wait. And we have one other potential donor who can’t make a decision until we get the final cost estimate. We wait, we wait. The waiting is frustrating, but it is temporary. What is overwhelmingly certain is that this community has raised a few thousand more than $538,000. And will doubtless give yet a bit more before we are done.

And the reason for that is that the community has been incredibly supportive of this project. Many of the All Point Bulletin readers have donated once, twice and even a half dozen times. I believe they have donated because they share our view that an adequate/appropriate library is vital to the wellbeing of Point Roberts. Perhaps in our town, even more vital because although we have many natural resources here (ocean, forests, gardens, trails, wildlife), we don’t have much in the way of resources that take you out beyond the community itself. A library is a passport to everywhere, even if you can’t leave your living room.

Cicero famously wrote, “if you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.” And we’ve got them both because so many of you, your visitors, your friends and family have given us what we needed to build this new library.

This may be my last new library column, so I also want to thank the people who spent so much time both organizing the fundraising and actually going out and asking people for money (not the easiest task in this world): Ed Park, Don Falk, Margot Griffiths, Judith Wolfman, Peter Lerritt, Lucy Williams, Rose Momsen and Heidi Baxter.

Behind the scenes support came from Louise Cassidy, Mark Robbins, Stephen Falk, Kris Lomedico, Allan Marter and Barb Wayland.

And to all those who worked the many events including book sales, quilt shows and raffles, concerts, movies, fiber art shows, Saturday Markets, Christmas Craft Faires etc.: You came when we needed you most! Our thanks to everyone who participated in this amazing, four-year community event.

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