New audio-video equipment installed at community center

By Meg Olson

The park and recreation district has added $1,500 of audio-visual equipment to the community center, ticking off one more item from a wish list of improvements.

The district installed a 55-inch high-definition “smart” flat-screen television at the community center for use by the public when the center is open. Commissioner elect Bennett Blaustein said the TV has been connected to WiFi with several radio and television stations programmed, with plans to do more. There is also an old VHF antenna which “doesn’t pick up much,” Blaustein said, but no cable or satellite television. The district will be acquiring cables to allow users to connect their computers for presentations.

The district also acquired a speaker system and an LCD multimedia projector. “You got tremendous value for what you paid,” Blaustein said. “The sound system is really, really good.”

In other parks news, commissioners unanimously supported a motion to thank students at the Point Roberts Primary School for flagging holes in Baker Field that volunteers filled with sand as part of efforts to improve the pock-marked field. Other improvements at the field will include moving the event sign from the corner of Gulf Road and Tyee Drive to that location, ongoing turf replacement, dugouts fencing and soccer goals.

Mary Edgley said they next need to organize a work party to clean up the trash accumulating around the skate park. Even after commissioner Mark Robbins took a water cooler and filing cabinet to the dump, dumped bedframes and household garbage are still stuck in the blackberry bushes.

“Somebody needs to adopt that park,” Robbins said.

Plans for converting the Julius fire station into a new library will be presented to the Point Roberts Community Advisory Committee (PRCAC) for character plan review at its January meeting, and architect David King will meet with parks commissioners to go over costs and construction options.

A tentative special meeting has been scheduled for 6 p.m. on January 12, preceding the PRCAC meeting at 7 p.m.

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