State Patrol offers safety tips

On December 4, a driver was struck and injured while exiting his SUV to check on the operator of a rolled over semi-truck on eastbound I-90 at milepost 81. This was the second person struck on a state highway in a three-day span. Both people were hit while checking on the occupants of vehicles that had rolled and both occurred during freezing rain conditions.

While this is not a common occurrence, the Washington State Patrol has some roadside safety tips. Law enforcement and first responders are trained and equipped to provide protection on emergency scenes and know where to park to ensure the safety of all those at the roadway collision.

During bad weather, remember this:

• If you do have to travel, give yourself plenty of time to arrive at your destination.

• Drive slower. Speed limits are determined for ideal conditions

• Increase your following distance.

• To be seen better during daytime, turn on your headlights

If you witness a collision:

• Call 911 and be prepared to provide details of the collision.

• If you stop, pull your vehicle off the roadway and activate your four-way flashers.

• Do not park where a car could slide into you or your vehicle.

• Do not put yourself in danger. Things can happen quickly and other vehicles may not see you, putting you at risk.

• You may further injure a victim. If there is no immediate need for the occupants to be moved, leave them in place.

If you are involved in a collision:

• Call 911

Activate your hazard lights and park your vehicle as far off the roadway as possible.

• If your vehicle is inoperable, wait for law enforcement and first responders to arrive. As a last resort, if you think your vehicle might get struck from behind, get out and move to a safer location.

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