Year in Review 2015: Point Roberts Community Advisory Committee

By Joel Lantz

The Point Roberts Community Advisory Committee (PRCAC) saw a major change in board membership in 2015.

PRCAC welcomed new board members:

John Lesow: At-large position

Keith Glading: At-large position

Ron Clark: representing Point Roberts Taxpayers Association

Steve Wolff: representing Point Roberts Chamber of Commerce

Joel Lantz: previous board member, representing Point Roberts Registered Voters Association was voted in as chairman.

The Point Roberts character plan review subcommittee, which was formed in 2014 to review and update the over 20-year-old character plan, completed its work in July and sent the draft character plan revision to Whatcom County Planning and Development Services for their review.

PRCAC will be working with the county and the Point Roberts community in 2016 to complete the process of the adopting the revised character plan.

PRCAC assumed the role of the Point Roberts character plan committee. In that role, PRCAC reviewed and advised the county as to compliance to the character plan for three commercial sign and one commercial building permit applications that came in during 2015.

PRCAC continued to gather information on suggested projects that may be candidates for expenditure of the transportation benefit district funds (1 cent/gallon gas tax).

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