Year in Review: Point Roberts Park and Recreation District

By Linda Hughes

Your Point Roberts Park and Recreation District accomplished several important tasks this year. At the community center, a major drainage project facilitated better water flow away from the building, alleviating a moisture problem that was contributing to erosion of the foundation.

A new roof was installed, and a new HVAC system replaced the one that had reached its life expectancy. We are currently looking into new flooring for the hallway, and we have recently purchased a new smart TV for use at the community center.

Baker Field revitalization gained momentum this year, with soils and seeding to the ball field. Still in the works are the proposed construction of a dugout, widening of the path from the parking area to ball field, and new football/soccer goal posts. Also, the Blaine school district replaced the playground equipment at Baker Field.

As the proposed library project moves closer to its goal of vacating its space in the community center, requests have been received from the food bank and the historical society to occupy that space.

The park district has made significant progress on the library project, completing a topographical survey of the Julius Fire Hall site and ground-penetrating radar used to assess the foundation.

We also contracted David King as the architect, and reached an agreement with the Friends of Point Roberts Library for the reimbursement of expenses.

Summer Kids Camp 2015 was well attended and enjoyed by approximately 60 children.

Work has begun on a long-term strategic plan for the district. This ongoing process will benefit from community input so please consider attending our meetings, held at 7 p.m. on the second Monday of every month in the community center.

Mark Robbins, longtime chairperson of the park district, did not seek reelection in 2015, and Bennett Blaustein was elected to fill that vacancy.

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