Fire district trains on donated house

It was all hands on deck on January 3, when the local fire department used a donated house on Marine Drive for a morning of live-fire training before burning it down.

“Having the opportunity to train on actual structures is invaluable to our members,” said fire chief Christopher Carleton.

The fire district has used the structure since November for training in search and rescue, incident command and small live fires. The district’s goal is to get water on a fire within two minutes of arriving, Carleton said, which means firefighters need to be experienced in quickly evaluating a situation.

“This type of training helps our members hone their skills within these crucial areas of operations to become the most effective in real life situations,” Carleton said.

As teams of firefighters came out of the building after evaluating and extinguishing fires set upstairs, Carleton asked them, “How was the heat?” This kind of training, he said, is the only way firefighters can be prepared for how it feels to be in a fire, and that preparation is crucial.

“The final burn that was conducted adds another tier to the experience, showing how quickly a structure can be overcome, and allows true fire dynamics to be seen,” Carleton said.

The property owners, represented by Wayne Knowles, donated the older home to the fire district instead of demolishing it to make way for new construction. Carleton said such donations are a valuable opportunity for the fire district.

  1. Kudos to the Knowles for this invaluable donation, and also to the fire dept. for pouring water all over it !!!


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