A change of guard at the parks board


By Meg Olson

The local parks district is shuffling some duties to fill the shoes of departing chair Mark Robbins.

At their January 11 meeting the board elected Linda Hughes as chair and Stephen Falk as vice chair. New board member Bennett Blaustein took on more than half of the tasks that had fallen to Robbins, including receiving requests for booking space at the community center, a process he hopes to streamline with online bookings and calendars.

“This year we’ll make a website a priority,” said Hughes, who will take over for Robbins as the liaison with the senior association.

In other parks business, Mary Edgley said they needed to take steps to stop dumping on parks property. She said there is an “amazing amount” of garbage at the skate park. “Actual bags of garbage stuffed under things, hunks of cement, barbecues. It’s really disgusting.”

The parks district will organize a cleanup in March, and commissioners hope the community will come out to help, as well as keeping an eye open and reporting dumping.

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