Dollars for Scholars comes up with the dollars

By Meg Olson

After a bit of a rocky 2015, the local Dollars for Scholars is heading into the new year fully compliant with the national organization.

“While we’ve been successful in awarding scholarships to everyone who submitted an application this year, Point Roberts Dollars for Scholars experienced some challenges that made the process less than optimal,” said board member Linda Hughes.

“The transition from a local group of volunteers back to membership in the national Scholarship America organization necessitated some major operational changes. Much of our process had to be done online, and in making sure we complied with all the requirements we ended up delaying the application and awards process.”

Thirteen scholarships were awarded, Hughes said, although only 12 were accepted. The six freshmen recipients were Veronica Hughes, Sarah Vaughan-Jones, Beth Passburg, Tavin Jackson, Alexandria Szabo and Bo Glaser.

The six returning college student recipients were Alex Peltier, Clara Monheit Berman, Alexander Tersakian, Joren Jackson, Zachary Fijal and Emilie Sarkissian.

“We regret not being able to have an awards ceremony because of the timing, and are on track to have the entire process follow a more traditional timeline next year,” Hughes said.

The organization raised over $10,000, Hughes said, thanks to generous donors in the community. Major donors include All Point Bulletin, Point Roberts Volunteer Firefighters Association, Bruno and Margaret Moras, Auntie Pam’s Country Store fundraiser, Ken and Judy Spencer, the Wilson family, Brian Calder, “as well as others who prefer to remain anonymous, and many generous members of this community,” Hughes said.

Donations to Dollars for Scholars can be made at Umpqua Bank.

“We look forward to working with our long-term and new donors in the coming months, and welcome volunteers who would like to help us with our fundraising and operational tasks,” Hughes said.

Interested volunteers can contact Wesley Hubbard at

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