Letters to the Editor April 2016

The Editor:

What is going on in our community? Last month, a number of daffodil plantings were dug up from public roadsides. Those daffodils were not the work of industrious, artistic squirrels, but one of the gifts of the Point Roberts Garden Club to the community of Point Roberts.

For almost a decade, the club has used volunteer energy and the proceeds of the Point Roberts Garden Tour to purchase and plant spring bulbs to enhance our roadsides. We began with plantings along Tyee Drive.

Then, three years ago, at the suggestion of Jody Hackleman, we began planting non-invasive varieties of daffodils, iris and crocus at other roadsides to surprise and delight residents and visitors.

The flowers are there for all to enjoy – in their place at the roadside, and not in a private garden. Please leave them in place. Removing them sends a negative message to the club and dishonors those people who have designed and implemented these roadside beautification projects.

It was even more disturbing to read a day later that a metal garden sculpture was unscrewed and removed from someone’s deck. Is someone here trying to develop his or her garden with purloined goods? It surely must be a resident here, and not a visitor because live plants and bulbs are not permitted to cross the border into Canada.

As disturbed as garden club members are at the disappearance of plants, it must be nothing compared to the sense of violation a person must feel at having their garden trespassed and violated. People used to steal plants from my garden in New York, but this is not what I expect in Point Roberts.

Rhiannon Allen
Point Roberts

The Editor:

I am puzzled by the position taken by Point Roberts parks commissioner Linda Hughes on the library project. At the meeting on March 9 there was a strong, indeed overwhelming, consensus in favor of a tax levy to complete the funding and also strong support for tearing down the existing building and, after raising the foundation, following David King’s design.

Although silent at this meeting, commissioner Hughes let it be known on March 14 that she is adamantly opposed to any tax levy to complete the funding.

Local builder Tom Bradbury also apparently shifted gears from support for King’s (amended) plans to a completely different, two-story building instigating an extended discussion of how to build a cheaper library.

Our first concern is, why were these issues not raised on March 9? Why wait until the meeting when the board was supposed to make a decision about how to proceed? If Ms. Hughes was so opposed to any tax levy or bond issue to complete the funding, why not state her position earlier? Others did.

If Mr. Bradbury was so opposed to King’s design, why wait? He made a most persuasive argument in favor of a teardown and rebuild on a raised foundation. Where was the “cheaper, two-story” design then?

But what’s most disturbing is the negative stance with regard to a levy. If there is no levy, how will the project be funded? If it will take another $300,000, how is it to be raised?

Are we going to ask the folks at Friends of the Point Roberts Library to raise it? Do we really want to try to build a new library using available funds and end up with a substandard facility?

Ms. Hughes’ other suggestion that an Internet survey be taken to determine how the community feels is misguided. Such surveys are notoriously unreliable. In fact, the easiest way to ascertain the community sentiment is to put the tax levy on the ballot and then count the votes.

There seems to be a lack of long-range planning here and we find it rather distressing. A levy for the amount needed will increase the average tax burden by some $8/month for a single year – about what a glass of decent wine costs. To derail this project at this point for such a trivial amount is so odd it’s hard to get one’s head around it.

Arthur Reber
Point Roberts

The Editor:

After attending the recent Friends of the Point Roberts Library meeting and the last parks board meeting, there seems to be consensus that the best plan moving forward with the new library is to completely demolish the old fire hall and start with a new building on the existing site at a slightly higher elevation than the current building.

Although the architect’s initial proposal was to use the existing foundation and parts of the existing building it was suggested that it would be wiser and more cost effective to completely demolish the old building and start from scratch. Most people in attendance agreed that the old building had too many shortcomings, making it difficult to bring it up to current standards.

Since we are spending a great deal on our new library, it makes total sense to have a proper foundation and raise the floor level, which will result in proper drainage and a structurally superior building. I think the design that has been developed over the last few years will be a great addition to our community. The Friends of the Point Roberts Library now support these improvements to the current plan documents.

I hope that the parks board can move as quickly as possible to place a tax levy on the November ballot so we can begin the construction on our new library that the community has so graciously supported.

Tom Bradbury
Point Roberts

The Editor:

The caucus is coming. On March 26 everyone who declares support for the values of the Democratic Party can participate in the Democratic precinct caucuses. All you need to do is sign the registration form stating you consider yourself a Democrat, and show up at your caucus site to record your preference for a candidate.

Precinct 101 meets at the Point Roberts Community Center; precincts 102 to 108 meet at the Bay Horizon Park Activity Center (please wear gym shoes or similar soft soles); precincts 119 and 120 meet at the Lions Camp Horizon conference building; and precincts 110 to 115 at the Blaine Middle School cafeteria.

Doors open at 9:30 a.m., the caucus officially begins at 10 a.m. and will last about two hours. Besides voting for your candidate, delegates and alternates will be selected to represent those candidates in next levels up to the National Convention in Philadelphia. You can also bring platform recommendations to be passed on to the county convention on May 1.

See whatcomdemocrats.com to identify your precinct and caucus site and fill out your preregistration form to take with you to the caucus. Contact 647-7661.

Ruth Higgins

The Editor:

I would like to express my thanks to Point Roberts fire department personnel for their quick response on March 7 when I nearly collapsed and needed help.

They stabilized me and took me to St. Joseph’s hospital in Bellingham. I would also like to express my thanks to my family, the community and Trinity Lutheran Church for their support and prayers. A blessed Easter to all.

Ernie Loreen
Point Roberts

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