Taxpayers to birddog trailhead


The Point Roberts Taxpayers Association intends to take an active role in ensuring the Whatcom County parks department doesn’t walk away from its obligation to restore the Cedar Point trail access to Lily Point Marine Park. The trail was closed after two separate slides on the gulley near the entrance recently encroached on the path.

“We tend to lose things like a separate entrance to the park. One way or another, the county should find a way to maintain that entrance. Once they get the dock completed, they should work on restoring the trail,” said association president Mark Robbins.

Referring to the storm water that is causing erosion to the gully, committee member Pat Harper said it was the county’s responsibility to control drainage. The committee agreed to follow up with county personnel and keep the issue on the front burner.

The committee also agreed to keep hounding the county to make code enforcement a priority in Point Roberts.

“I believe this organization should take a position on code enforcement. I think it is screamingly clear that county planning and development services (PDS) won’t do anything without being pushed,” said Arthur Reber.

Fellow committee member Jennifer Urquhart reminded the group that they had agreed at a previous meeting of the need for the taxpayers organization “to keep the fire lit under PDS. It’s in the community’s interest.”

The group cited various examples on Tyee Drive where the county had failed to show progress on violations involving unpermitted signs, non-allowed land uses and extensive commercial remodeling done without permits being applied for or obtained.

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