Friends celebrate achieving goal

At their annual general meeting the Friends of the Point Roberts Library celebrated five years of successful fundraising to transform the Julius fire station into a new library.

“I couldn’t thank everyone who donated even if I knew their names,” said Judy Ross at the April 3 meeting. “If we had an actual number it would be far more than 2,000. We collected tremendous amounts of money from change jars.”

In total, the group raised $540,000 to build a new library before telling their project partners, the local parks and recreation district and the county library system, that they had exhausted all avenues.

Ross said every segment of the Point had played a role in fundraising, from the 14 major donors in the founders group to the shoppers rounding up at the Marketplace. Thirty-one business donors and 10 community groups were significant supporters.

“A big part of life in Point Roberts is these community groups,” she said. “They substitute for government in many, many ways.” Sales of pavers that will be part of the new library raised $133,000.

“When this library is built, it is to your credit,” Ross said. “All the people who said that this matters.”

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