Letters to the Editor May 2016

The Editor:

We who live in Point Roberts can rest easy knowing we have our fire department and their excellent first responders just a 911 phone call away.

On March 3 I fell while walking in the woods and hurt myself badly. Fortunately, I was walking with my neighbor who was able to go to the school and call 911.

John Shields and Fadi Samaha were first on the scene. They assessed the situation, offered me comfort and radioed for assistance. Chief Christopher Carleton soon arrived along with Terry Scott and Alex Tersakian with an ATV pulling a stretcher (bet you didn’t know the fire department had an ATV).

The efficiency and level of care they showed me was exemplary. They got me to St. Joseph Hospital in short order, where another excellent team of doctors and nurses saw to my welfare. Chief Carleton and his crew can rightfully be proud of the high level of care they provide.

I am also thankful for the support many in this community have shown me and I thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart.

Patricia McCairen

Point Roberts


The Editor:

I am proud to have four dogs to keep me company. I was used to letting the dogs roam, as I lived on 35 acres in Laurens, South Carolina. Here since 2012, I have come to think of Point Roberts as home.

I was walking my dogs on their leashes contrary to wanting to, rather having to. I took a big walk as I have for the last month around 7:30 a.m. As I was rounding the last loop to begin the walk up the hill towards the parking lot where you can see the back of the houses on Claire Lane, a big dog came out of nowhere. My dogs pulled me so hard I fell on my hip and elbow and shoulder of my left side. Thankfully I was not hurt.

I am now a very ardent enforcer of the leash law. I have wondered today if I did break a bone or hurt myself, how long would have been there by myself.

Please for the early walkers with their loved ones, walk with your dog or keep them enclosed.

Michael “Uncle Mike” Cormier

Point Roberts


The Editor:

We have been blessed with Maureen Kirwin as the person chosen to prepare the meals for 40–50 of us at the Point Roberts Senior’s Center. She is very well qualified to be in charge at this big responsibility. Maureen has a nursing background and was the chef in her own charter boat business in False Creek in Vancouver.

The healthy and attractive meals she serves are amazing. Her volunteers are always there to support the culinary delights that please the ever-hungry and appreciative seniors.

Thank you, Maureen, for bringing us the best lunch specials in the Northwest. All the best with your career change but we expect to see you regularly… same place, same station. All the best.

Abby Armstrong

Point Roberts


To Editor:

Friends of Point Roberts Library – not so friendly! Many of the weekend warriors who inhabit the Point and quite frankly are a very large part of the tax base here are both shocked and appalled at the illogical thinking of our bookworm friends.

Their obstructionist behavior in hoarding the emergency siren atop the parks and rec property on Gulf Road is nonsensical! Fire chief Carleton’s plan to make this system operational must be given more thought from this group who want to use the siren for aesthetics on their new library, which is still very early in the planning stage.

Given the many communication dead zones here a public warning system should take priority over visual embellishments. Our learned friends might consider how their legacy will look should a tsunami hit the Point with a viable warning system sitting dormant atop their building.

Richard Foreman

Point Roberts


The Editor:

My husband and I were parked at the International Marketplace. I went inside for about 20 minutes and when I came out, our car battery was dead. We had not had any trouble with it prior to that and we sat for a minute trying to figure out what we were going to do.

A man coming out of the store saw that we were having car trouble and came over and offered a boost. He hooked up his pickup truck and our cables to the battery but after 20 minutes of trying to get it to take a charge, we realized it wasn’t going to start.

He (Travis) mentioned that he had recently moved to Point Roberts and was working at Dennis Auto, so we asked about getting a replacement battery through him the next day. Travis left us and returned 10 minutes later with a brand new battery, installed it right there in the parking lot and told us to just stop in and pay him the next day. His charge was really reasonable and he saved us a lot of stress and hours of messing around calling for rides and getting a tow.

We are so grateful for Travis’ assistance last weekend, and we hope that he and his business flourish in Point Roberts.

Lisa Rennie

Point Roberts

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