Marina owners making big plans

By Meg Olson

The marina will be seeing some changes this season and the trend is set to continue.

“The new owners are investing a lot of money to make the Marina beautiful again,” said Wayne Knowles, vice president of development for the Point Roberts Marina.

Work is now underway to replace the 37-year-old underground gasoline and diesel tanks. “Work will be complete prior to our Point Roberts Yacht Club opening day and sail-past on May 7,” Knowles said. “In the meantime, we have temporary fuel tanks, so fuel is always available to our boaters.”

The northernmost dock, T-dock, will be removed this summer and replaced with new state-of-the-art aluminum docks. “We are gathering the permits from the necessary government authorities and should begin the replacement in the next 45 days. The new dock will be available six weeks thereafter,” Knowles said.

In addition, significant improvements are being made to the marina’s fire suppression system. In the next two months, six new fire hydrants and more than 2,000 feet of connecting water pipe will be added to the north and west sections of the marina uplands. So far, new fire suppression systems have been added to three of the marina’s 18 docks.

“Three more will be added by the end of the year, with all docks having fire suppression systems within the next 36 months,” Knowles said. ““The marina will be much safer.”

Plans are moving ahead to reopen the marina’s restaurant for the season and add a coffee shop and group accommodations.

“The barge, which is registered as a chartered vessel in the State of Washington, is being furnished and decorated,” Knowles said. The barge will be home to “Wake my Day,” serving drinks, including espresso, breakfast items and snacks. “People will be able to come and sit on our outdoor waterfront deck, enjoying a coffee while watching the boats go by,” Knowles said. The coffee shop is expected to be open in late May.

“In addition, the vessel has 13 rooms, which can be available for rent for private parties or corporate retreats,” Knowles said.

The former Pier Restaurant is being renovated and will be called the Compass Rose, with a nautical theme.  “Patrons will be able to sit at our new ‘boat bar’ and have a drink,” Knowles said.

Finally, Knowles said, the marina will be moving forward with developing the upland portions of the marina – the undeveloped land enclosed by Simundson Drive, APA Road and Marine Drive. “We have retained a world-class architectural firm named GCH from Seattle,” Knowles said. “Plans should be complete by the end of August and I will then begin to get feedback from the community.”

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