Dock installation at Lighthouse Marine Park may be delayed

Whatcom County Parks and Recreation has selected Lynden engineering firm Reichhardt and Ebe to design changes to the boardwalk at Lighthouse Marine Park.

“We are going to look at reconfiguring the boardwalk so we can still use the space but reduce the maintenance needs,” said development and design supervisor Rod Lamb.

The eastern portion of the boardwalk was removed due to safety issues over the winter. “We will have to replace portions of the boardwalk that remain,” Lamb said. They are looking at other materials such as concrete paving instead of wood.

The current plan is to build a new playground where the old boardwalk used to be, but final decisions will wait for engineers to complete the design. “We might get started with construction in the fall depending on the complexity of the project,” Lamb said.

Re-installation of the dock may be pushed back due to a delay in the availability of some of the materials the dock manufacturer needs to repair and upgrade the dock. “Our plan remains to put it in in June,” Lamb said.

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