Students score higher

Sixth graders in Blaine school district are half a grade level ahead of the average American sixth grader, according to a study by researchers from Stanford University.

The New York Times used data from the study to create graphs that show a striking correlation between test performance and median family income.

“Children in school districts with the highest concentrations of poverty score an average of more than four grade levels below children in the richest districts,” according to the Times’ April 29 article.

For districts with a median income similar to Blaine’s, a few of the highest scoring district had scores more than two grade levels above average. Some of the wealthiest districts in the country have scores nearly four grade levels above average.

Very few districts with a median family income of $41,000 or less earned even average scores, and some are nearly four grade levels behind average

The Blaine school district’s median family income of $61,000 a year puts it above the nation’s median household income, which was $52,250 in 2013, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

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