Presenting: The Class of 2016


Landon Martin:

Landon moved to Point Roberts in 2006 and after attending Sacred Heart school in Ladner he headed for the Blaine school district in 8th grade. During his high school years, Landon played football for the Borderites as well as the South Delta Rams.

Academically, he earned awards of excellence in Chemistry, Biology and Spanish. He also took third place in Microsoft Office Specialist State Championship (Microsoft Excel 10). He studied Tae Kwon Do in White Rock, earning a black belt.

In the fall, Landon will attend Skagit Valley Community College to study environmental conservation. Passionate about animals and wildlife conservation, he hopes to pursue a career as a game warden.


Alexis McGill-Lujan

Alexis came to Point Roberts at age 11 from Sacramento and started as a fifth grader at Blaine Elementary School. During her high school years she enjoyed art, especially sculpting in clay. As a junior and senior she was part of the theater program, performing in the musicals “Beauty and the Beast” and “Guys and Dolls.”

Like generations of grads before her she identified the bus ride to Blaine as the most challenging part of being a student from the Point. “It was never easy to make plans with friends,” she said, or to participate in school activities.

In the fall Alexis will attend Bellingham Technical College to study Phlebotomy. “It’s a service that there will always be a need for so I thought it would be a good career,” she said.


Vanessa Myers

Vanessa has attended Blaine schools from kindergarten through graduation. In high school she played Special Olympics soccer for two years and thrived in the school’s culinary arts program.

“I’m going to Bellingham Technical College to continue studying culinary arts in the fall,” she said. She especially enjoys baking, specializing in elaborate cakes, and has plans to become a professional pastry chef.

“I already have a job offer to start at Semiahmoo once my classes are underway in the fall,” she said.

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Marisa Jacks

Marisa started her schooling at Point Roberts Primary and moved on to the Blaine campus in third grade. In the ninth grade she began attending South Delta Secondary School. She worked hard academically and maintained straight As in all courses throughout her school years.

Throughout middle and high school she ran recycling programs and worked as a peer tutor with special needs classmates.

“I am passionate about preserving the environment and helping animals and people,” she said.

Marisa’s goals are to work and travel before settling on a career path, with an interest in environmental sustainability, mental health or addiction counseling.


Sarah Reimer

Unfortunately, efforts to obtain information proved unsuccessful.

  1. How disappointing that you had not included Katherine Letherby!
    She grew up here on the point and has lived here her whole life.
    I believe she deserves to be included, I am appalled!
    Poor girl getting left out.. and her mother is disappointed as well.

    • We regret the omission of Katherine Letherby. The problem is that there are so many educational pathways open to Point Roberts students – home schooling, schools in Canada – that the list we get from Blaine schools every June is incomplete, and we have no way to ferret out other grads unless we have personal knowledge of the particular individual. Please – if you have a graduate from high school or university or some other educational institution, please send word to us at Or, for that matter, anyone who is deserving of recognition for an accomplishment in their lives or careers. Occasionally we need the community to help us out sometimes. Congratulations, Katie!


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