Marina begins dock replacement


By Meg Olson

The Point Roberts Marina is starting off an ambitious program of dock replacement with T-dock at the far end of the basin.

The old concrete and wood docks are over 30 years old and in the case of T-dock have had to be buttressed with additional flotation to keep them from sinking. The crane that pulled the old floats out of the water weighed one of the larger ones at 14,000 pounds.

“They’re completely waterlogged,” said project manager Bob Jewell.

Manufactured in China by Shenzhen Potona Marina Engineering, the new floats were shipped to the Point in nine Dock---02containers. The aluminum floats edged with rubber feature 50 percent open grating, according to marina manager Jacquelyne Everett, which allows for better light penetration into the marine environment. “We’ll also have brand new electrical pedestals which will have WiFi capability,” she added. The replacement of T-dock is expected to be complete by the end of September.

Wayne Knowles, the marina’s vice president of development, said the T-dock replacement cost was approximately $500,000. “Over the next few years we will be replacing all of the docks at a cost of approximately $10 million,” he said.

The schedule will rely on permitting and especially on when the state department of fish and wildlife sets windows to permit in-water work.

  1. Wow this just horrible, what a way to lose grossly needed jobs and revenue for the state of Washington.


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