Parks district takes emergency action

By Meg Olson

The Point Roberts Park and Recreation District has taken emergency action to replace the failing septic system at the Gulf Road community center.

Though no action was taken at the regular August 8 meeting of the district board due to a lack of quorum, board chair Linda Hughes did declare a state of emergency to address the septic failure. Under a state of emergency, the usual bidding procedures can be foregone with; accordingly, Hughes has hired Joel Lantz to design a new system and to obtain permits from the county.

At a special meeting held August 15 to replace the regular meeting, board member Bennett Blaustein explained they had employed local contractor Ken Calder to clear out the lines to the drain field as best he could and Lantz had attempted to pressure test the system. “He said basically the system was failing,” Blaustein said. “It has to be addressed. It’s part of our mandate to keep the community center open.”

Hughes said while the failure was in the drain field it is likely an entire new system will be required. She said Lantz would prepare estimates for both a new system for the community center and a combined system for both the community center and Julius fire station.

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