Circle of Care granted nonprofit status

With official nonprofit status in place, Circle of Care is raising funds and rallying volunteers to create a safety net that will allow Point Roberts residents to stay in their homes as they age or recover from illness.

The organization was granted 501(c)(3) status by the IRS in August. Donations and fundraising receipts, previously deposited with Whatcom Council on Aging under a one-year memorandum of understanding, have been returned to Circle of Care and will be the seed money for ongoing projects.

The organization will hold its first annual general meeting at the fire hall on November 16 and the public is invited to attend.

Trustees Annelle Norman and Galen Wood attended the annual general meeting of Lopez Island Hospice and Home Services (LIHHS) on September 12. LIHHS began as a grassroots organization about 15 years ago and currently serves about 25 people each year with the help and support of over 50 trained volunteers. The staff and trustees of LIHHS have been mentoring, encouraging and providing organizational guidance for Circle of Care.

“The board members and staff were remarkably generous with their time and information,” Wood said. “They provided us with the blueprints for their training as well as their policies and procedures. We were also privileged to meet with three of the founders, who shared their growing pains in the early years. We are so grateful to all of them.”

Circle of Care is collecting durable medical support equipment such as wheel chairs, shower chairs, walkers etc. to loan to residents of Point Roberts. If you have clean new or used equipment in excellent condition, please contact Circle of Care at 945-5222.

Circle of Care is also looking for volunteers. If you would be willing to provide a ride, pick up a prescription, deliver a meal or provide pet care for Point Roberts residents, Circle of Care would like to hear from you.

A training will be held this fall covering topics such as confidentiality and protecting client privacy, accountability, emergency situations, handling difficult situations and volunteer rights and responsibilities.

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