County pleased with solid waste survey responses

By Meg Olson

The Whatcom County Health Department has received 165 responses in the first two weeks that its Point Roberts solid waste survey has been online.

“The responses are comprehensive, with lots of great comments,” said Jeff Hegedus, environmental health supervisor with the county health department, which manages solid waste in the county. “When the survey is complete, all responses will be presented by charts and bar graphs and all comments will be listed,” and presented to the Point Roberts Community Advisory Committee.

“We want a solid waste system up there that works well and people can be proud of,” Hegedus said. That means a system that is affordable, convenient and comprehensive, he said, with a good recycling rate, vendor stability and effective at stopping illegal dumping.

The survey was developed in collaboration with the Point Roberts Community Advisory Committee and results will be presented to the committee followed by an analysis of the system as it exists and strategies to improve it. “We want to know if we have a problem before we try and solve it,” Hegedus said.

The survey can be completed online at and will be open for responses until October 16.

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