Trump trumps fire townhall meeting

Up against the first presidential debate and Monday night football, not to mention the Point Roberts Beekeepers meeting, the Point Roberts fire district had an empty house at its town hall forum.

The three district commissioners and two of their spouses, the fire chief and assistant chief, the district secretary and the All Point Bulletin attended the meeting.

“We set this meeting up some time ago when the presidential debates were not scheduled yet,” said commissioner Bill Meursing, to provide a less structured forum than the monthly business meeting for members of the community to ask questions of commissioners and staff.

“Given that fact that none of the public showed up except for us, you must be doing a good job!” responded his wife Jeannette Meursing, optimistically.

The presidential debate format and schedule was announced by the commission of presidential debates on September 22, 2015 but the debate has only been on the public radar in recent months. The decision to hold the town hall forum was made by commissioners at Meursing’s suggestion in July.

The meeting, scheduled from 7 to 8:30 p.m. was spent largely in recess, with those in attendance enjoying cookies and coffee, and sharing a few laughs. Al Conaghan arrived but stated he had no questions, wanted no answers, and was there only for the cookies.

“We’ll continue this recess until 8:30, them we’ll all go home,” Meursing said at 8 p.m.  and that’s what they did.

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