Advisory committee discusses changes to the Point Roberts Character Plan

By Meg Olson

Water district engineer Carl Reichhart presented preliminary plans for a new district office and shop to the members of the Point Roberts Community Advisory Committee (PRCAC).

The district has secured a conditional use permit to build the facility and approached the committee as they prepare to apply for a building permit to know what to expect from PRCAC’s review of the project for compliance with the Point Roberts Character Plan. “Work with us,” said PRCAC chair Joel Lantz, since the committee needs to review any projects under the existing character plan but try to also honor the proposed changes to the plan, which are still under review.

On Saturday, October 15 from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. the committee will hold a special meeting at the Gulf Road community center to continue their review of the new draft character plan. While most of their review to date has been limited to text corrections, the upcoming meeting will see them tackle the only really likely bone of contention.

The revised plan has additional language that stipulates design review under the plan will apply to commercial and institutional structures, but, “design review also applies to any residential use structure in a Resort Commercial or Small Town Commercial zone.” The current plan requires “all structures or developments other than a single family home on an individual lot” to conform to the plan.

Lantz, who represents the Point Roberts Voters’ Association on PRCAC, said his membership “wants that struck,” while Ron Clark with the taxpayers association said his board had indicated support for the change.

  1. The PRCAC should not be taking it upon themselves to make substantive changes in the Revised Plan. The committee that rewrote the plan took well over a year and prepared a document that, according to the committee’s mission, was to be put before the community for review, discussion and input. Any changes were to come from that process, not be made by PRCAC.

    I was Chair of PRCAC when the ad hoc committee was formed and I served on the review committee. Both groups were operating with this specific protocol in mind.

    Arthur (S. Reber)


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