Come train with PREP

The Point Roberts Emergency Preparedness (PREP) group is asking community members to join a Red Cross class to familiarize themselves with the use and maintenance of the Red Cross disaster relief trailer located by the Benson Road firehall.

“In order for us to have access to this resource we need to take this class,” said PREP president Virginia Lester. So far 12 people have agreed to attend the December 17 training and Lester said the more people are trained to use it, the more valuable the trailer will be to the community in case it’s needed.

The trailer, which has been on the Point since 2004, contains everything needed to put an emergency shelter in place at any location: blankets, cots, food, medical supplies, communication equipment, a generator and more. Lester estimates the value of the trailer and contents at over $15,000.

PREP members have been trained in how to use and maintain the trailer in the past but the Red Cross is requiring a minimum of 10 retrained or newly trained community members for the trailer to stay on the Point. The more people take the December training, Lester said, the more they can guarantee they continue to meet that requirement.

The class will take place on December 17, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. To sign up, call Lester at 360/945-2827.

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