Talk on Burns Bog

The Point Roberts Taxpayers Association has invited Eliza Olson, president of the Burns Bog Conservation Society, to speak about the bog’s critical role in our environment and the impacts of local industrialization.

“Hosting this educational talk follows nicely on Member of the Legislative Assembly Vicki Huntington’s presentation at our July 27 annual general meeting on the threat of gradual yet relentless industrialization of South Delta and the irreversible threat it poses to our shared ecology and to the migratory bird flyway that depends on it,” said president Mark Robbins.

At over 7,400 acres, Burns Bog is the largest raised peat bog on the west coast of North America and the largest undeveloped urban wilderness in North America, according to the society’s web page. The bog has been referred to as “the lungs of the Lower Mainland,” acting as an important regulator of air quality and regional climate. The area also provides habitat for migratory birds and many different

Founded in 1988, the society has worked to protect the bog from development and to educate the public about the special ecology of peatlands and the vital role they play.

Olson will speak at the association’s next meeting on November 9 at 7 p.m. at the Gulf Road community center. For more information about Burns Bog and the conservation society visit

  1. Is the Nov 9 meeting open to the public?


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