Election 2016: Latest results from Washington state and Whatcom County

Election figures are current as of 2:30 p.m. November 10. All numbers will be updated until results are certified at the end of November. 

Initiative Measure No. 1433 concerns labor standards.
The measure would increase the minimum wage statewide to $11 in 2017 and higher in each succeeding year until 2020.

Initiative Measure No. 1464 concerns campaign finance laws and lobbyists.
The measure would establish a campaign finance system to, among other things, allow citizens to direct state funds to candidates.

Initiative Measure No. 1491 concerns court-issued extreme risk protection orders temporarily preventing access to firearms.
The measure would prevent access to firearms if a court-issued extreme risk protection order was issued.

Initiative Measure No. 1501 concerns seniors and vulnerable individuals.
The measure would establish protections for seniors and the vulnerable by increasing penalties.

Initiative Measure No. 732 concerns taxes.
The measure would impose a tax on specified fossil fuels and other fossil fuel generated electricity and would reduce the sales tax.

Initiative Measure No. 735 concerns a proposed amendment to the federal constitution.
The measure would amend the constitution to define protections of free speech.

Advisory Vote No. 14
The legislature extended, without a vote of the people, the insurance premium tax to some insurance for stand-alone family dental plans, costing an indeterminate amount in the first ten years, for government spending.

Senate Joint Resolution No. 8210
The legislature has proposed a constitutional amendment on the deadline for completing state legislative and congressional redistricting. This amendment would require the state redistricting commission to complete redistricting for state legislative and congressional districts by November 15 of each year ending in a one, 46 days earlier than currently required.

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