Border concerns?

An informal group that has taken on the task of connecting the community with management at the local U.S. border port of entry is looking for public input.

A dozen members of the ad hoc border committee, put forward by the chamber of commerce, taxpayers’ and voters’ associations and the Point Roberts Emergency Preparedness Committee (PREP), will next meet with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) port director George Gibson on November 22.

Committee member Mark Robbins said Gibson had turned down a suggestion to have the All Point Bulletin (ABP) cover the meeting, which is not a public meeting and is held at the port of entry.

“I pressed George on the question of allowing the APB to cover our meeting, arguing that it would serve to increase public awareness and utilization of this committee as a conduit of communication to CBP of residents’ suggestions, issues and concerns, which is the purpose of the committee,” Robbins said.

In response to the port’s decision, Robbins said he would encourage fellow committee members to report back to their groups regarding what was discussed at the meeting, and he suggested residents who have concerns about border operations to contact a committee member.

Committee members:

Heather McPhee,, 945-2955

Joel Lantz,, 244-1942

Mark Robbins,, 945-1357

Virginia Lester,, 945-2827

Steve Wolff,, 945-0418

Elizabeth Lantz,, 219-5466

Arthur Reber,, 945-5075

Henry Rosenthal,, 945-1711

Linda Hughes,, 945-0812

Jennifer Urquhart,, 945-1061

Sonya Liu,, 945-4066

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